To be loved & owned by a senior cat is one of life’s greatest pleasures and privileges.

NABB’s Burmese Breed Rescue program was implemented in July 2000 to demonstrate our dedication to ensuring that unwanted, displaced or abandoned Burmese find safe, loving and permanent homes. Since its inception, we have successfully re-homed more than 500 Burmese and the need continues to grow every year.

Each year Burmese Rescue Program receives up to 85 requests to help Burmese in need and that number grows each year. Many of the requests are from owners or relatives who can no longer keep their Burmese for a variety of reasons and need to find new homes for their cats. Not able to place them alone, they come to us for help. Many Burmese require re-homing due to their inability to get along with their other cat-mates. Others are left homeless when their owner died. And some are Special Needs cats that need more care than they are currently receiving.

Most of our Burmese in need of rescue or re-homing are over the age of five and more often over the age of ten. We regularly have Burmese aged 10 to 15 that are in need of new homes in various areas of the country. Our adoption fee varies from zero to $200 depending on the situation of the particular rescue.

We do not have Burmese kittens for adoption and only occasionally we have young adults available. If you are interested in a Burmese kitten, you will need to purchase one from a breeder. You can find a list of breeders in your local area in our Breeder Directory

Primarily, we use a referral process to help find permanent homes for Burmese that have been abandoned or displaced or for whom current owners can no longer provide a home. So, for example, let’s say that there are two Burmese that need rehoming in Atlanta, GA. If you can provide a home, you contact the owner of the cat from the information provided by Burmese Rescue and you negotiate with the holder as to transportation arrangements. We work by connecting people together.

Please contact the rescue coordinator for detailed information and adoption procedure.

How to Help

As you can imagine, placing 85 cats per year is an enormous effort and we need all the help and all the homes that you can spare!

Currently, Burmese Rescue is in need of foster homes, special needs homes and permanent homes for our most senior Burmese. Our special needs and elderly Burmese are our most difficult placements due to lack of available homes. We routinely have many elderly Burmese that need a good home to live out the few remaining years of their lives.

What is a Foster? – A Foster is someone that provides temporary care and shelter to a Burmese waiting for a permanent home. They may need some rehabilitation during this time or simply a place to stay. The length of time could be only for a few days or for a few months.

Burmese Rescue List

If you do not use Facebook and are interested in getting the latest information about Burmese Rescue, please join our email list. You will receive emails of rescued Burmese in your areas of interest.

Our rescue program only operates in the United States and Canada. We do not adopt internationally. For information on Burmese rescues in the UK see or

Burmese in Need

If you have a Burmese that is in need of relocation or you know of an unwanted or abandoned Burmese, please fill out a survey for the rescue coordinator on the rescue form with your complete contact information. The rescue coordinator will contact you shortly. For any other questions, please contact the rescue coordinator .

Current Rescues

Please see our Facebook page for our currently available cats


We accept donation through PayPal; just use the button below.  You may also mail us a check or money order. Please email us for the current address. We are not currently a tax-exempt organization, but will gladly accept donations to help Burmese in need.

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