The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders

NABB is the only CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) affiliated Burmese breed club, is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and welfare of the Burmese breed and the welfare of all cats.NABB promotes excellence in breeding practices among its members, provides information pertaining to health, genetic traits and other characteristics of the Burmese breed, and provides assistance to novice breeders and sponsors a searchable Online Pedigree Database of CFA registered Burmese.

NABB holds organizes and produces cat shows under the auspices of CFA and well as holds an annual membership meeting at the CFA Annual meeting in conjunction with the CFA Burmese Breed Council meeting. This annual membership meeting provides a forum to discuss and vote on selected issues and to celebrate the year’s Burmese winners.

NABB operates and financially supports a robust Rescue program. Burmese Rescue assists in the placement of homeless, displaced or abandoned Burmese. Through donations from members and the public, Burmese Rescue assists in the re-homing of approximately 50 Burmese each year. Since its inception in July 2000, Burmese Rescue has assisted in the re-homing of over 500 Burmese. With over 4000 Facebook followers, Burmese Rescue can quickly respond to any request concerning the need of a new home for Burmese. For more detailed information, visit the Breeder Rescue Facebook page

Membership in NABB includes a tri-annual newsletter that contains information about Burmese, NABB, CFA, showing cats and feline health issues. For more information on membership, please visit out Join NABB page.

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