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DISCLAIMER: NABB does not endorse or approve any breeder nor does NABB guarantee any animal acquired. This list is meant as an aid to potential Burmese pet owners.

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Name: Dominic Lemaire and Rafael St-Pierre
Cattery: Eclypse
Email Address:
Location: Montréal, Canada
Additional info: Sables and dilutes (champagne, blue and platinum). Pets kittens are sold already spayed or neutered with all shots(FELV included). Complete health guarantee. We do not ship.
Other Breeds: Bombay

Name: Isabelle Marchand
Cattery: Burmania
Email Address:
Location: Montréal, Quebec
Additional Info: Sables and dilutes (champagne, blue and platinum). Pets kittens are sold already spayed or neutered and microchipped with all shots (respiratory diseases). Complete health guarantee. No shipping for pets.

Name: Francoise McNicoll
Cattery: Burmiluv
Email Address:
Location: Montréal, Canada
Additional Info: Sables and dilutes (champagne, blue and platinum). Pets kittens are sold already spayed or neutered with all shots(FELV included). Complete health guarantee. We do not ship.

Name: Anne Micheline Pivin

Cattery: Goodeburm
Phone: 514-259-5205

Location: Montréal, Quebec
Additional Info: Sables and dilutes (champagne, blue and platinum). Pets kittens are sold already spayed or neutered with all shots(FELV included), registered with CFA and TICA. Complete health guarantee. No shipping for pets.

Name: Rita S.
Cattery: Suncoast
Email Address:
Location: Vancouver
Additional Info: We have been breeding burmese since 1982. Our kittens are raised underfoot along with our own family and are placed with loving families that will spoil them as well. Babies are placed into indoor homes only, they must be spayed /neutered and must not be declawed. Babies are available after they have received their 2nd/final vaccination and vet check-up. All babies will come with a vet certificate – vaccination record. We breed our babies for health and purrsonality.



Name: Natalya Gnatyuk
Cattery: Lyuboburm
Email Address:
Telephone: +7(985)9975651

Location: Moscow, Russia



Name: Donna Brown
Cattery: SilkyBrick
Email Address:
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Telephone: 256-503-6215
Additional Info:  Small cattery with Champion and GrandChampion  lines.  Our sable burmese kittens are not caged and are socialized in a loving and affectionate environment.  Kittens are placed in indoor homes only, spayed/neutered and must not be declawed.  Kittens will be microchipped and have 2 sets of shots before adopted out to loving home at 14-16 weeks.


Name: Suzanne Kuttnauer
Cattery: Bon Marché
Email Address:

Location: San Diego, CA
Additional Info: Grand Champion, Regional Winner, 2006 National Breed Winner and Distinguished Merit Lines. Our cats are from the finest lines and their beauty and sweet personalities attest to it. We have been raising exquisite Burmese since 1998. We have sable, champagne, platinum and occasional blues ready to be your new best friend. Bon Marche’ babies are raised with love and tenderness and are familiar with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies. Kittens are ready for their new homes at 14-16 weeks (with shots) after a thorough period of socialization. They will be your loving companions for many years ahead. Kittens must be handcarried on plane; adults may be shipped during appropriate months of year.

Name: Elaine P. and Gary L.
Cattery: Burmizpah Burmese
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Additional Info: We have one sable Champion queen with Grand Champion points that has two or three small litters a year. Her neutered dad and brother help to raise the kitties; true Burmese – it takes a village. Colors are sable or blue. We provide vaccinations before going home at 14-16 weeks and provide a health guarantee. Kitties are raised under foot with the family. We do not have a dog but our kitties adapt well to nice dogs. They fetch, ride in cars, sit on shoulders, sleep on pillows, loll in the RV, and lay on their backs. If you like entitled kitties who take up half your bed, demand the whipped cream off your coffee and a taste of your breakfast, these are for you! We are pilots and can fly your kitty to you within a reasonable distance. Email us for availability, more info, and photos.
Website under construction.

Name: Art and Kristi Graafmans
Cattery: De Bears
Email Address:
Telephone: (949) 650-8746

Location: Newport Beach, CA
Additional Info: No shipping. Champagne, sable, platinum & blue. Adults occasionally available. Health guarantee, kittens are altered and have all their vaccines. Champion & Grand Champion lines. Personality plus!

Name: Rita and Richard Baligad
Cattery: Edens-Pearls Cattery
Telephone: 951-780-4399
Location: Perris, CA
Additional Info: Sweet home raised sable Burmese kittens. Health guaranteed. We do not ship.
Other Breeds: Bombay

Name: Angela Smirnova
Cattery: Burma Charm
Email Address:
Location: Orange County, CA
Additional Info: Since 2005. Our kittens go to new homes litter box trained, with their first shots, and six month health guarantee.
Please visit our website and Instagram for pictures of our Grand champions, Champions, and kittens. Please ask us about delivery options.

Name: Tatiana Syssoeva
Cattery: Nifea
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Additional Info: Champion and grand champion lines, small cattery no cages. Sable, champagne, and blue. We do not ship.



Name: Cheryl Peck
Cattery: Quercetin
Email Address:
Telephone: 303- 759-1915
Location: Denver, CO
Additional Info: prefer not to ship; FeLV negative; sable and dilutes; health guarantee; contract required.


Name: Sharyn and Sig Hauck
Cattery: Caricature Cattery
Email Address:

Location: Brookfield
Additional Info: Our sable Burmese kittens are raised in our home underfoot and on our laps. We consistently produce National and Regional award winning cats in the Cat Fanciers Association. Robust health, friendly purrsonalities, and beauty are the common characteristics of Caricature Cattery cats and kittens. We do not ship.

Name: Stacie Egeler
Cattery: Burmesepleez
Email Address:
Web site:
Location: Danbury, CT



Name: Lynn Thompson
Cattery: Acrocats
Email Address:
Telephone: 407-359-8877

Location: Orlando, FL
Additional Info: Sables and champagne kittens available; adults available occasionally; prefer not to ship; FeLV negative; FL Health Certificate; health guarantee; contract required.

Name: Marie Denoyer
Cattery: Maikiki
Email address: 
Telephone: 941-870-2108
Location: Sarasota, FL (Tampa metro area)
Additional Info:  Maikiki is a small CFA registered cattery (est. 1980) and produces top quality (National Award and Breed Winning lines) and healthy Burmese cats for pet and show, mostly Sables, but occasional champagnes.  We breed for health and temperament foremost in our breeding program, for sweet, engaging kittens and cats. We have kittens occasionally, and prefer not to ship.  Our kittens are placed in their new homes with a veterinary health certificate, with all shots, and a binding contract with health guarantee.  Adult retirees also available.  We prefer not to ship.

Name: Susan Evans
Cattery:  Gingerwood 
Email Address:
Location:  Tallahassee, Florida USA.
Additional information:   Breeding since 1970. We may have sable and champagne kittens, most likely only 1 litter a year.  Health guarantee provided.  Kittens receive 2 vaccinations at 9 and 11 weeks.  Our kittens are raised in our home and are not caged.  Kittens or Adults placed are to be in indoor cats only and must not be declawed.  Kittens may be hand carried on plane, or ground by an approved transporter. 



Name: Jennifer Herr
Cattery: Ahava-Burms
Email Address:
Telephone: 706-867-6860
Location: Dahlonega, Ga
Additional Info: We mostly have sables but do occassionally have dilutes. Our kittens have a 3 year health guarantee and all will have an adult shot. We adopt our kittens out at 16 weeks of age. We do NOT ship but are willing to discuss alternatives. Occassionally we have retired show cats available. Contact us by phone or email. References available.

Name: Connie Wardlaw
Cattery: Calcat
Email Address:
Telephone: 770-432-8825
Location: Atlanta

Name: Janice Lancaster
Cattery: Kitakiss Burmese and Bombay
Email Address:
Telephone: 770-714-8148 
Location: Rockmart, GA
Website: ​
Additional Info:  Grand Champion and Champion bloodlines, mostly sable, very occasionally have dilutes. Kittens are raised in our home so that they are very well socialized. Kittens go home spayed or neutered, microchipped, and with a 3-year replacement policy against genetic defect. We do not ship as cargo, but can usually work out delivery at a competitive rate.

Name: Karen Thomas
Cattery: Panthat
Location: South of Atlanta, Georgia
Additonal info: See our website for information and an application to purchase a kitten or cat. 



Name: Troy Weier
Cattery: Yash/Rokstarr
Email Address:
Telephone: 319-432-9578
Location: Cedar Rapids
Additional Info: We produce mostly sables but sometimes have dilute kittens available. Written sales contract and health guarantee. Prefer to place kittens locally.
Other breeds: Bombay


Name: Lou Keim
Cattery: Bijoux Cats
Email Address:
Telephone: 410-692-6342
Location: Jarrettsville, Maryland
Additional Info: 2003 CFA Cattery of Excellence



Name: Christine Coig
Cattery: Bermusing
Email Address:
Telephone: 617-653-1656
Location: Abington, Massachusetts
Additional Info: Our kittens are raised in our home amongst us as part of the family. We mostly have sables but do have champagne on occasion. All of our kittens come with a health guarantee and written contract. We do not ship but are willing to discuss alternatives. Visitors are always welcome. Contact us by phone or email.



Name: Nicole Kalena
Cattery: Tomblan
Telephone: 616-826-6888
Location: Maple City, MI
Additional Info:
Champion and Grand Champion lines. All colors available. Health guarantee and contract required. Delivery possible. Breeding for health temperament and personality.


Name: Brian Tripp
Cattery: Evita
Telephone: 612-423-9170
Location: Twin Cities
Additional Info:
We are a small cattery that has raised kittens since 1995. Kittens come with contract/health guarantee and are raised “underfoot”. We do not ship.

Name: Marsha Panthera and Andy Valles
Cattery: Amalurra
Email Address:
Telephone: 651-368-0832
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Additional Info: Our kittens are raised as part of the family and are watched over by our wonderful Golden Retriever. We are a small family cattery raising sable, champagne, platinum, and blue Burmese. They return twice as much love as you give them so give them lots! Health guaranteed and contract required. We partner with other breeders to provide healthy and diverse genetics and work together for the best interest of the breed. Kittens are ready for their new homes at 12-16 weeks and will have their first two sets of shots. Kittens must be handcarried on aircraft and ride in the cabin. We do not ship kittens as cargo.




Name: Billie Stiffler
Cattery: KatHevin Sable Burmese
Email Address:
Telephone: 609-261-1232
Location: Lumberton, NJ
Additional Info: Sable only. Grand Champion lines; FeLV negative; Kittens raised cage-free with run of the house. I do not to ship.


Name: Jo Lynn Page
Cattery: Okeydokey
Telephone: 918-775-6772
Location: Sallisaw, Ok.
Additional Info: CFA Burmese in all four colors. Home raised, lap loving bundles of furr.


Name: Leora T. Alden
Cattery: Qwann Yinn
Location: Near Fort Worth, TX
Additional Info: CFA/TICA registered cattery. We specialize in Burmese in the 4 colors of sable, champagne, blue and platinum. Health Guarantee, contract required, must be spayed or neutered. FeLV negative, annual testing done.>Able to pick up at 14 and 16 weeks which will be determined by breeder. Also retired adults available sometimes, please inquire.


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