About Burmese

Why a Burmese?

Because they bring joy and love into your life. While a rich, glossy coat and big gold eyes might be the first things that attract you to the breed, it is the Burmese personality that gets you hooked for life. Simply put, Burmese are full of love, and they are more than willing to lavish it their human family.

Burmese are the ultimate companion cats. Often cited as the most affectionate of all cat breeds, they love being with people, playing with them, and keeping them entertained. They crave close physical contact with their people. Often referred to as “velcro cats”, they abhor an empty lap, will follow their humans from room to room, and sleep in bed with them, preferably under the covers, cuddled as close as possible. When they play, they often try to entertain. They will actually check to see if you’re is watching their crazy antics. They are very intelligent, and often stubborn. Don’t be surprised if they train YOU to take care of their every need and want, exactly as they wish. As someone who brought a couple of kittens home said “we don’t own them, they enslave us!”

What Do Burmese Look Like?

The word that comes to mind when looking at the Burmese is round. Picture a small-to-medium size cat with large, round gold eyes on a round head, sitting on a compact, rounded body. The facial expression of a Burmese is sweet, innocent and unique among pedigreed cats. It has been said that when the Burmese looks at you, it feels like it is “looking into your soul.”

The body of the Burmese is akin to that of a little bulldog. There is nothing dainty about a Burmese; it is strong and muscular, with a broad chest. The body feels hard like that of an athlete. What consistently surprises people is how heavy they are, given their relatively small size. There is a lot of muscle and power packed into that small frame.
This little bundle is clothed in a shiny, close-lying coat that feels like satin. Burmese come in four colors: sable, champagne, blue and platinum. Sable is the most common of the four and is like a deep chocolate brown. Burmese compete in CFA cat shows in two official divisions, the sable division and the dilute division which include the remaining three colors, champagne, blue and platinum.

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