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NABB has a variety of memberships.

Full members:

Full Members are individuals who have either bred and registered with CFA at least one litter of Burmese cats or have shown a Burmese cat in any CFA sanctioned show. Full members have full voting privileges in any election, poll, balloting and at any general NABB meeting, and are eligible to run for any NABB office.  See Requirements for Full Membership in NABB

Associate members:

Associate Members are individuals who are interested in the objectives of NABB, but do not meet the requirements for full member. Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold office, but otherwise have all other benefits of memberships.
All members have access to the electronic version of the NABB Newsletter, and may order printed copies.  Full members residing in the US or Canada receive a printed version of the Newsletter for free.  Overseas delivery requires additional payment to cover the mailing costs – contact the Secretary for the required amount.

The membership dues and the fees for NABB services are located on the membership application.

To apply for membership, download and fill out the NABB Membership renewal/application form.  

Payment may be made via PayPal or check.  Instructions for paying with PayPal are here
Pay via PayPal using the form here

Please send the form with the check for the appropriate fee (or copy of the PayPal receipt) to:

NABB Secretary
Marie Denoyer
5615 Novara Pl.
Sarasota, FL 34238

Contact the Secretary for questions at 





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