Archives & Newsletters

Being one of the oldest breeds, the Burmese has a long printed history. Here we’ve collected photos, ads, and articles in an attempt to document some of that history.

NABB Newsletters – pdfs of newsletters from 1983 to 2000
NABB Newsletter Covers – small jpgs of covers
Yearbook Articles – PDFs of CFA Yearbook articles

CFA Yearbook – cattery ads, photos, and some articles

Burmese GC & GP – through 2012 (text file)
Burmese Achieving the Title of CH/PR or Higher  – through 2012 (text file)

A 1997 Burmese article by Erika-Graf Webster – Joy of Burmese
CFA’s Burmese Breed Profile
Flat Chested Kittens – a Treatment

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