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The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders, Inc., NABB

NABB is the breed club for Burmese affiliated with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA). In partnership with the CFA breed council for Burmese, it is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and welfare of the Burmese breed and the welfare of all cats.

NABB promotes excellence in breeding practices among its members, provides information pertaining to health, genetic traits and other characteristics of the Burmese breed, and provides assistance to novice breeders. Any new breeder of Burmese may contact NABB for guidance. If a new breeder requests a mentor, NABB will pair a senior and well-experienced breeder with the new breeder.

NABB prides itself on a well-managed program called “Burmese Rescue” that is aimed at the placement of homeless, displaced or abandoned Burmese. Burmese Rescue quickly responds to any request concerning the need of a new home for Burmese. Burmese Rescue has helped many Burmese through this effort. In addition to finding new homes, Burmese Rescue ensures that the cat being rehomed is given a physical check-up by a licensed veterinarian. Any health issues are dealt with before the cat is released to its new home. Visit the Burmese Rescue page! If you would like to donate funds to the Burmese Rescue program, click here.

NABB also organizes and produces cat shows under the auspices of CFA and sponsors a searchable Online Pedigree Database of CFA registered Burmese.

Membership in NABB includes a quarterly newsletter that contains information about Burmese, NABB, CFA, showing cats and feline health issues. NABB holds an annual membership meeting at the CFA Annual meeting in conjunction with the CFA Burmese Breed Council meeting.  This annual membership meeting provides a forum to discuss and vote on selected issues and to celebrate the year's Burmese winners. Highly knowledgeable individuals doing research into feline health issues are often invited to the NABB Annual Meeting.  The CFA Burmese Breed Council is the official representative of the Burmese breeders to the board of CFA.  It is headed by the breed council secretary, a position elected every two years.  Only breeders meeting certain criteria designed to demonstrate their experience with and commitment to the breed may join the breed council.  For information on joining the breed council go to

To download a printable copy of the NABB bylaws Click here.

To download a printable copy of the NABB constitution Click here.





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