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About NABB

The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders, Inc., NABB, is the only international Burmese breed club affiliated with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).  NABB is dedicated to the promotion and welfare of the Burmese breed and the welfare of all cats.  NABB provides support for all aspects of the Burmese breed and its breeders, from finding Burmese kittens, promoting quality breeding practices, funding research into Burmese health issues, and supporting Burmese Rescue activities so that new homes are found for Burmese when this becomes necessary.
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About  Burmese Cats
Burmese make truly wonderful pets.  They are great companions and very, very affectionate.  They shadow their owners, following them from room to room, and want to be in the middle of whatever their person is doing.  They seek out laps and desire to give and receive affection.  They are smart, quick learners and very good about enslaving their owners to provide them with everything they want.  The consistent feedback from people who have Burmese pets is “this is the best cat I have ever had.”
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Find Your Burmese
Looking for a Burmese pet to love?  Visit our "Finding Burmese Guide" for helpful hits in finding your perfect pet.
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Caring for Burmese
Here are helpful guidelines for keeping your Burmese healthy and happy.

Join NABB Today!
NABB welcomes everyone who loves Burmese. Breeders and exhibitors of Burmese qualify for full, voting memberships, and all Burmese lovers are welcome as Associate members. All members receive the quarterly NABB Newsletter. Join here

Support Burmese Rescue
Burmese Rescue is one of the most important activities of NABB. When a Burmese needs to find a new home for whatever reason, NABB’s Burmese Rescue group steps in and makes that happen. This often involves considerable veterinary expenses to ensure that the cat is completely healthy when it goes to its new home. NABB seeks donations to support this effort. What to help? Click here

Support NABB Activities, Including Health Research
NABB does a lot for the welfare of the Burmese breed. Want to help? Click here


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